Sunday, May 16, 2021

My kind of people

My kind of people These guys again Stockholm City Triathlon Warm Day
Thursday was one of the warmest days of the year, so far. I decided to cycle down to Nynäshamn, which is a dream these days as there is no traffic to speak off on the old Nynäsvägen road. It is a 30 km ride through a rural landscape and it makes me happy every time I ride there. This time I decided to try and photograph every cyclist that I met. Turned out to be tricky as I also stopped to shoot other stuff and missed a few riders. Here are the first sixteen encounters in a collage, plus three more for good measure.Oh and I actually met two of the groups twice, some of these riders are very fast.

Saturday, May 15, 2021


Vardövägen Kolarbacken Barents Väg Milavägen
A few photos showing more or less new houses at Vegastaden. Different architecture from the larger apartment buildings closer to the commuter station that I showed you a while back.

Friday, May 14, 2021

A picturescue town

Stadshotell Trosa Stadsbibliotek Trosa Ågården Tulips
After the visit to Tullgarn Palace we continued our Sörmland trip with a visit to the picturescue tourist attraction town that is Trosa, you can drive here from Stockholm in one hour. Nicknamed Världens ände, the world's end! It is an old city, it dates back 800 years. It is close to the coast and back in the day most people that lived here made their earnings from fishing. It is easy to get lost here for a few hours walking up and down the old streets. These photos shows the hotel, the library and a few traditional houses. I will show you the "real" Trosa attraction after the weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cherry Blossom

Blossom A walk in the park Cherry Blossom
The rule stipulates that you really have to shoot the Cherry Blossom, so here are a few colorful snaps. The first one is from the Fredrika Bremer secondary school. The second one comes from a walk in the Eskilsparken, also in Handen. Shot that one with my Chinese Yongnuo 100mm lens as a panorama at f.2. The third photo is from Nederstaleden in Västerhaninge. Oh, and I probably have a few more photos on my memory card so you never know...

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tullgarn Palace

Tullgarns slott Kavaljersflygeln Värdshuset Tullgarnsviken Tullgarn Palace Värdshuset Kavaljersflygeln Orangeriet Orangeriet
Tullgarn Palace
After a short drive from Ytterjärna we arrive at Tullgarn Palace. One of eleven Crown palaces in Sweden. Built back in 1720. King Gustaf V spent his Summers here back in the day. Today a listed building, owned by the state. Sure is a beautiful building. The second photo shows Kavaljersflygeln. The architect back in the day was Georg Theodor Policron Chiewitz. The third photo shows Värdshuset. The slottskafé at Tullgarn. Royal takeaway anyone? Sadly closed at the moment because of the pandemic. The fourth photo shows the view from the Tullgarnsviken bay. If you arrived to the palace via boat three hundred years ago, this is where you would have been greeted by General Magnus Julius De la Gardie who lived here back then. The fifth photo is a panorama of the palace, just because I like to complicate things every now and then, it took twelve photos but came out okay me thinks. Next we see the cafe from another angle. Followed by a second look of the Kavaljersflygeln. Next are two photos of King Oscar I:s orangery. Constructed in 1852. The architect was most likely Georg Theodor Policron Chiewitz. The first snap is of course a panorama made of umpteen photos. And last one more view of the palace.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


A Bench With A View Greece Runestone Ytterjärna Kyrka Ytterjärna
Out on a drive in Södertälje with one of the usual suspects we drove up the hill overlooking the Järnafjärden bay. On the top of that hill, you have a great view of the surroundings, especially from that bench. The heavily damaged runestone on the second photo can be seen at the Ytterjärna cemetery. Made from sandstone. As per usual by the church people back in the day, they used it as a stair stone! And because of that, you can't read the runic inscription, but it is possible that it mentions someone traveling to the Byzantine empire. Which means that it could be one of the 30 known Greece Runestones. Restored back in 2010 by the RAÄ. The church itself dates back 900 years, it was tricky to shoot and in the end I photographed it as a panorama, so it is thirteen photos stitched together. The property to the left on the last photo is called Pilsberg and this is the road we arrived on. There are a few interesting trails here including the 13 km long Ekoleden, the much shorter Nibbleleden, and the 12 km Kustleden, chanses are that I will walk them later in the year.

Monday, May 10, 2021

What's in a name?

Styvmorsviol II Styvmorsviol III Styvmorsviol
Out walking near the old tree a while back I decided that it was time to shoot some macro photos of the wild pansy, although I kind of like the Swedish name better. Styvmorsviol, Stepmother's Viola. The name comes from the fairy tales about Cinderella and Snow White. The Queen dies and the King quickly finds himself a new wife. That usually breaks up the family and one part is treated a bit better than the other. And if you look at the backside of the viola the blades look uneven, the bottom blade is the chair where the queen is sitting on her fat bottom! Next to her are her two daughters, each on a blade/chair of their own, but on the lone top blad/chair are the two step daughters. That is not fair at all! And obviously I should have have photographed the wild flowers back side, but I didnt.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Living the dream

Living the dream
A summerhouse in the archipelago is a dream for a lot of people. Someone at Korsholmen at Dalarö is living it. As seen from the lookout point at Lotsberget.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

A Seaside Resort

Dalarö Hotel Bellevue Dalarö View Dalarövilla
The view from the top of the Lotsberget hill at Dalarö in Haninge. It started out as a maritime pilot and customs community. The big building to the left in the top photo is the Hotel Bellevue at Wallinvägen. Built back in 1884 by Alf Wallander, who lived there for a few years. He invited many famous artists to his home, including Anders Zorn, August Strindberg, and Bruno Liljefors. A few years after his death the building became a popular hotel. After the hotel business, it was remade into a recreational home. The current owner is planning to convert the old building into apartments. There are two hills at Dalarö with spectacular views towards the archipelago. This one is called Lotsberget, translated that would mean the maritime pilot hill. The other hill is called Amerikaberget, and that's where the customs people kept an eye on arrivals back in the day. That name, The America Hill came after a local who spent a few years in the US, and when he came back they nicknamed him "Jänken", or the Yank. He lived in a house at the hill, the house was of course called Nordamerika, North America.

Friday, May 07, 2021

A sea of white

A sea of white Vitsippa
I was on all four at the Gullringkärrets nature reserve shooting the anemones when the phone rang. It was one of the usual suspects. Just like me he is a coffee addict, and we often need a great view with the "fika" so we decided to meet up and look for a good spot. And because of that and a few other visits around Södertörn, (and the very cold Spring weather), I didnt make it back to this spot in Jordbro when everyting turned white so this is the best that I can show you, my bad.

Thursday, May 06, 2021


Himmerfjärden Himmerfjärden Hörningsholms slott Himmerfjärden
Ö Skanssundet Farm Mörkö barn Four Yellow Cranes
Walking up the Vårdkasberget hill in Sorunda a while back, together with one of the usual suspects, we took a bit of a gamble weatherwise. It was 5C and a bit windy. And to make it more interesting it snowed on and off for the couple of hours we were out on this chilly afternoon. And it was our first visit so we didn't really know how to get there as there were zero road signs, but we finally made it after missing a few bumpy gravel roads at first. The top two photos show the first glimpse of the Himmerfjärden bay after a short trek up the hill. Shot just meters from the "vårdkase" in yesterday's post. The third photo shows the Hörningsholm castle at the Mörkö island that I have shown you a couple of times already this year. It sure is good to have a decent zoom lens on visits like this one. The rest of the photos shows a farm at Grödinge, a couple of small islands, construction at a power plant, the ferry at Skanssundet, and also the hill at Mörkö that I showed you a while back, Kalkberget. As we sipped our coffee taking in the views we decided to come back later in the year for a Summer evening visit.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021


On the top of the hill at Vårdkasberget in Sorunda, you will find a gravröse, a type of cairn. It is a prehistory grave. On it stands this "vårdkase". Or phryctoria. Used to relay messages back in the day when there was an imminent danger. It must have been quite a sight back when the Vikings sailed up and down the Himmerfjärden bay here one thousand years ago. This one is four meters high, it is the only one in the greater Stockholm area. I will show you more of the view from up here tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021


Busy Construction Site Vegastaden Tornstaden Byggnadsställning Väderskydd
Whenever I visit Vegastaden a new project looks to have started. Been like that for a few years now and it is likely to continue like that for a while longer. But as I enjoy documenting change I say, keep the projects coming. This was just a grassy area surrounded by a forest a few years ago. I took the top photo from the hairpin-turn.