Wednesday, October 05, 2022

MV Britannia

Seventy Balcony Cabins
To disembark, or not to disembark, that is the question. I climbed up another hill. This time at Fåfängan, on Södermalm. For a couple of reasons. The view. The autumn colors, and also the big construction site at kvarteret Persikan. So where are all those views I hear you ask? They will come. But sometimes you also get a chance to photograph the big cruise ships from up here, so this is one such photo, of MV Britannia.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Sickla kanal

Slusstornet Göteborg, but in Stockholm
I posted the top photo, taken with my mirrorless Canon at flickr without any real background as I sometimes do with my images. But then a long time contact said that it was a lovely sight, and it is, now. So here is the back story: Everything in this photo is kinda new. Except for the canal. It was constructed in the late 1920s. Back then this whole area was just nature. Then came an ugly, but working industrial park. I was here a few times in the 1980s when I worked at a company on Södermalm, and we used to go to this industrial area for a few jobs every now and then. Back then it looked like a slum city, with corrugated steel buildings and what have you. Today the area is totally transformed. Around 25 000 people live here in very modern houses with award winning architecture surrounded by water. And a few thousand people also work here in modern high-rises. If you visited, say in 1985, like I did, and came back today you would have a really hard time believing it was the same place. Oh and the tower is called Slusstornet. The Sluice Tower. Designed by Fidjeland Arkitektkontor. The second photo, snapped with my Canon 77D, focuses more on the restaurant. It is called Göteborg, the Swedish name for Gothenburg. They offer modern & classic Swedish menus delivered in a casual & contemporary eatery with riverside terrace. At least if you wan't to believe the restaurant's web site.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Autumn at the cemetery

Kulturgrav Minneslunden Autumn bench Dead Tree Begravningsplats Höstfärger
Another week, another visit to a cemetery, in fact I visited three. These photos are from Österhaninge begravningsplats. Situated in a rural part of Haninge, near Alby. Around one kilometer from the Medieval church, the one with the leaning tower that I have shown you a few times over the years. Top photo shows a "kulturgrav". A historically important gravestone, in the form of an open book. The cemetery has been in use since 1885 and I took this at the old part of the cemetery. Second photo shows the road leading up to the "minneslund", the memorial grove. There are a lot of benches here of course, an I sat down on this one for a bite to eat. It was a beautiful Autumn day so there were lots of colors to look at. And also, the odd, dead tree. And one or two with more color.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Roddarmadam/ Rower Madam

Roddarmadam/ Rower Madam
A couple of minutes before I took the photo in yesterdays post I took this one. And this one has an interesting story. Six hundred years ago, there were a group of really hard-working women in Stockholm. They were known as Roddarmadamer. Rowing madame's. For a fee, they would row people between all the different islands in Stockholm. They were very tough. And known for their coarse language. They were around up until a century ago. And now there is a new Rower Madam in town! Toya Westberg. Toya, (in the bow here), will row you across Riddarfjärden, to Långholmen for free. If you would like to, you can be part of her podcast. Toya is a former skier who started the Researcher's desk. A platform for dialogue between researchers/experts and civil society, schools, and decision-makers regarding the current climate and sustainability crisis. Oh, and be ready for some coarse language...

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Sound asleep

Sound asleep
I was out shooting at Norr Mälarstrand on Kungsholmen when I noticed this woman who looked to be asleep on one of the benches facing the Riddarfjärden bay. I can't really blame her because the Autumn sun combined with the beautiful view can be too much sometimes. Theme Day. Rest, sleep and relaxation.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Ten views from Stadshagsplan

A touch of red The Blue Buildings Vasastan Two Turrets Norra Tornen Gustaf Vasa kyrka Vasastan Elite Hotel Carolina Tower Wenner-Gren Center Rörstrandsgatan
Aiming my Canon to the right, to the left, far away, and a bit closer. I took these photos from two lookout points at Stadshagen on Kungsholmen. The red roof used to be a cigar factory, back when smoking was a thing. Looking far away and in another direction, we see the blue buildings at Hagalund in Solna. They were part of the "miljonprogrammet", and were built in 1973. The architect was Bo Ahlsén. The third photo shows a typical Vasastan house. The two turrets on the fourth shot are very familiar to people in Stockholm. The buildings are called Sportpalatset and Sankt Erikspalatset. The Sportpalatset was designed by the architect Jean Adrian, it was built in 1930. It was sold on an executive auction before it was even finished. The Sankt Erikspalatset dates back to around 1910. It was designed by Gunnar Morssing. By now, you might be familiar with The Northern Towers. If not, this is how they look from Stadshagsplan. In the sixth photo, we see a lot of rooftops, and also the church tower from Gustaf Vasa kyrka. Next, another view from Vasastan. You will find the Elite Hotel Carolina Tower in a very busy area, close to The Karolinska Institute where they are building a lot of apartments, offices and more at the moment. Next, more rooftops and then some 1950s architecture at Wenner-Grens Center. Aiming the camera to the left, more modern architecture with Kungsholmsporten. In the tenth and last photo for today, a sekelskifteshus, as it was built at the turn of the last century, you will find it at Rörstrandsgatan.

Thursday, September 29, 2022


Last month I took the bike up a hill on Kungsholmen to Stadshagen to an outlook point. It is called Stadshagsplan, and is at 52 m.ö.h, the highest natural point on Kungsholmen. I was obviously there for the views and to take photos. Today's snap shows a penthouse. Built in 1929. You will find the building at Igeldammsgatan. It is a ninety square meter apartment. With a 250 square meter terrace. The architect was Björn Hedvall. You will have to pay around 20 000 000 kronor to get this place. There is a spa and shower on the terrace that you can enter from the bedroom. More views from Stadshagsplan to come.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Do Epic Shit

Do Epic Shit
I noticed three people setting up this scene at Götgatsbacken. And then getting ready to photograph it, so I beat them to it. They work at Printler, and this is a good way I think to let both potential customers and artists/photographers know about their business. Oh, and about the epic shit thing. That is my motto. How did they know that?

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


1960s architecture in Stockholm. Known as the Philips house. Used as Koninklijke Philips N.V. main office and warehouse in Sweden back then. Designed by the Danish architect Bo Möller. I took this photo a while back on my way to Djurgårdsstaden. The office building today houses the administrative court, Förvaltningsrätten, and the warehouse part is used by TV4, a crap TV-channel that I never watch!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Monochrome Monday

Malmskillnadstrappan The knotted gun Glass Facade Water Tower
We start the new week, (Monday is the first day of the week over here), with a bit of Black and White. Top photo shows a well-designed staircase at Kungsgatan, leading up to Malmskillnadsgatan. It is three meters wide at the bottom and two meters at the top, which is really pleasing to the eye. And it makes it look like a tougher climb. If we continue our walk towards the hay square and then make our way down a pedestrian street, we will find a version of the Knotted Gun by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Next we jump on the bike and pedal over to Kungsholmen and aim the camera back towards Klarabergsviadukten. We use a zoom lens and take a closer look at the side facade of the Waterfront Building. This is a "kontorshotell" called United Spaces Stockholm. Back on the bike we make our way over to Skeppsholmen where we climb a grassy hill to the highest natural point on that island where we find an old water tower. It dates back to around 1850. Last I heard it was used as a gallery, but on my visit it looked very closed.

Sunday, September 25, 2022


As I always do I made a pit-stop at the Woodland Cemetery. Or Skogskyrkogården as we like to call it, in Enskede. There are a lot of benches with great views over the area here, and as I sat down on one of them I noticed this worker busy filling in the letters with black paint so I walked over for a photo. This sign is the first thing you see when you enter the cemetery from Sockenvägen and as this is a World Heritage Site every detail counts.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Bike Train

Shooting while cycling Show off The Royal Castle Dude Thumbs up Orca Redhead, again Liggcykel Long Chain Guy Hello!
Just after 1400 hours all the cyclists lined up on the Norrbro bridge. The police were at hand, and they had had a conversation with the volunteers, (the people in the green, yellow and orange vests), about the rules of the bike train. Some of the streets closed for traffic as we rode through the central parts of Stockholm with the help of those volunteers. It was great fun. Even the bus drivers and taxi drivers gave us the thumbs up. I did in my own unique way. Biking in the train. Then stopping, jumping off the bike for a few photos. Then back in the train. I did that five or six times. Fun note, I posted a link to my flickr album at the official Facebook group, and one guy who responded told me that I managed to take four photos of him during the bike train! To have a look at all my 116 photos from the Bike Carnival press here.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Bicycle Event

The Oldtimers Tricky Bicycle Carnival Crew Quest Massage Time Look at her go The Music Man Norrbro Long chain
Last weekend I attended a fun bicycle event. It was called Cykelkarnevalen, The Bicycle Carnival. Held at Norrbro, at the Royal Castle in Stockholm. Many bicycle organizations took part as well as others in the bike industry. There were a lot of bike challenges, a bike band playing, and much more. I will show you the finale tomorrow, and boy was that fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Action Painting

Action Painting
I happened upon a political protest yesterday. On the square, Gustav Adolfs torg outside the Foreign Office at Arvfurstens palats. It was a Kurdish group, protesting against Turkish aggression in Kurdistan. Here, an artist is painting a portrait of Gulperin Ata, a 22-year-old woman said to have been killed by chemical weapons used by the Turkish regime. At the same time, Gulperin's uncle is demonstrating in The Hague.