Saturday, September 30, 2023

Autumn at the cemeteries

Autumn Carin✳Inga Skogskyrkogården Granfelt The Woodland Cemetery
In one of my Flickr groups, Utata, there is a weekly project called The Thursday Walk. You go for a walk, and then you tell Utata about it by posting a few photos. I kinda do that almost every day, but here are five photos from two cemeteries in Enskede. Skogskyrkogården, and across the road, Sandsborgskyrkogården. It really feels like Autumn now, btw. Although September was warmer than usual, colder weather is expected from now on.

Friday, September 29, 2023

A peaceful protest
I walked into the end of one of two weekly protests against the Russian aggression/war against Ukraine. This one is held at Sergels torg every Sunday. More info here.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Early Autumn Walk

Early Autumn Walk
A visit to the old burial ground in Jordbro. Up to one thousand graves from around 500 BC to 500 AC. The largest such grave field in Sweden. It is also a nature reserve called Gullringskärret here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


They don't build houses like this any more. Vasagatan 40 in Stockholm, close to the central station.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Norrlands Guld

Norrlands Guld
Another graffiti painting by Norrlands Guld at Farstaväggen. Whenever I cycle to Stockholm I pass by this legal graffiti wall, and as I snapped this photo three people were busy painting on the other side of the wall.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fridays For Future

Fridays For Future Best dressed photographer Mynttorget Knitting President of Sámi Youth Association Sáminuorra Preschool Strike For The Climate Flower Woman Cyclist coming through The Epoch Times Make your voice heard Best shot of the day? Balancing act Musicians Götgatsbacken A face in the crowd Are you dancing yet? Greta
Two days ago I attended my fourth Fridays For Future demonstration in Stockholm, together with Greta Thunberg and maybe 4000 others. The protest started at Mynttorget where Greta got the worldwide movement going all alone five years ago as a teenager when she sat down there for her first protest. Now, she is studying full time at the Stockholm University. This time we walked to Medborgarplatsen, The Citizen's Square on Södermalm. Although I cheated a bit as I jumped on and off the bike a few times to get my photos. At the square there were music acts performing and a lot of speeches from activists from different organizations. I present the photos in no particular order. You can spot Greta on the last photo. There is also a snap when I guy takes a photo of me as I take one of him. And he found it on Flickr! As always I was there as much for saving the planet as photographing people, and I have a few favorites as usual. More photos in my set, Week of Action.Oh, and as a bonus, there is one photo where the protestors are walking up Götgatsbacken, which is the title of the book I mentioned in yesterdays post about the police officer Viktor.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Viktor Adolphson

Viktor Adolphson
This is Viktor Adolphson. A well known police officer at Södermalm in Stockholm. Been in the force for some 20 years. Originally from Dalarna. He has a huge following on Twitter, I am one of his readers. Every day he informs us about his work as a police officer in Stockholm, and that is tough work these days. Earlier this year, his first crime novel was released. Götgatsbacken. Written together with Hans-Olov Öberg. I spotted Viktor yesterday at an event that I will show you in a day or two. He was talking with someone on his police-radio as I snapped the portrait at Mynttorget in Stockholm and gave me a little approving nod.

Friday, September 22, 2023


The Kallax. The simple shelving unit from IKEA. In this nine meter high version at The King's Garden in Stockholm, a number of classic IKEA armchairs can be seen. If you can name all of them you win, well nothing really, but I would be very impressed. The King of Sweden celebrated 50 years on the throne this last weekend and IKEA who turned 80 this year gave him a uniquely designed chair. The Mila, originally designed by Gillis Lundgren, but now in an updated design under a new name. The Dyvlinge. Inspired by the Swedish Olympic costumes from the 1972 games in Germany where the King found his Queen, btw. A security guard was sitting next to the Kallax, on what looked like a non-IKEA chair. All furniture was safely secured, and I saw quite a few people go in for a test sitting!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The world in black and white

The bike path Top of the Stairs Skogskyrkogården That's a wrap Monochrome Anchor Looking Up Theodor & Swante Cedar Facade Krokus
Ten recent photos in B&W. A bike path through a forest in Haninge. Next, two views from The Woodland Cemetery. Haybale at Krigslida. Flat Iron, Stockholm. Big anchor at Kastellholmen. Looking up one of the two highrises at Torsplan. Sculpture of the sculptor at Kungsholmen. New facade of an older building in central Stockholm. Sculpture by the water at Stockholm City Hall.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Tennstopet Tennstopet
A classic Stockholm building from 1900. The architects were Ulrich & Hallquisth. The legendary restaurant Tennstopet first opened at Klara in 1867. It was very popular with authors and journalists. Then, in the mid 1960s, when many buildings at Klara were demolished, Tennstopet moved to its current location at Dalagatan in Vasastan, close to the Odenplan metro and commuter train station. This is a 15 photo panorama. Shot with the Canon 77D, using the Canon 60mm lens, and to show you how I work, the second photo is the fifteenth photo in the panorama. If you look closely, you can see that some of the people in the second photo are missing from the final panorama, that is because they were moving, and the stitching software identified that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Haymarket in early September

Haymarket A moment in time Dressed for it Flea market Blue Memories Blonde The little things Holiday Green Redhead Karl Lagerfeld Anja Lund Sony shooter See anything? Nice hat Sten Berglind Pro in action Flea market Really? Board game Vase Sjöbjörn
This was most likely the last Summer warm flea market of the year. From Haymarket, or Hötorget in Stockholm. One or two familiar faces in the crowd. One photo is of a journalist/musician/raggare/TV-personality, Sten Berglind, who owns the largest Elvis Presley collection in Sweden. Another photo is a woman Anja Lund, who has been a collector for 30 years and written a book about it, a book the brought with her to the market to sell, of course.