Monday, May 12, 2014

The Swedish Colors

The Swedish Colors
You know how it is. You grab the camera and the inspiration really isn't there. Happens to me every now and then. This was yesterday. This was all I could find worth shooting. A container with the Swedish flag painted onto it. But one fun thing happened. I circled around Handen (on the Steel Horse), looking for something to aim the Canon at, when I spotted a photographer in the Brage park. He was going macro on a few yellow flowers and I figured a portrait might be the snap of the day. And a few minutes later we were shooting portraits. But it was him shooting me. That doesn't happen all that often. I have met him before and he doesn't want his photo taken. So we did it the other way around. If it turns up on the web somewhere is a good question, if not he might pop in for a comment here one day.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Yeh I know those days Steffe.. But there's no way it would end up with someone taking my portrait :)

Andy said...

Brain freeze is something we all get. At least you met up with some one else the helped turn your brain back on. I really do like the colours in you photo.

Lowell said...

Nothing wrong with this bit of artistry. I'm glad to hear about your portrait. I was sure I'd seen in on a post office wall the other day. The heading was something...ah, let's see...oh year, it said "Wanted!"

Heh, heh!

Luis Gomez said...

It looks good for a lack of inspiration moment. ;)

Sharon said... you got to be the model for a change of pace.
This flag shot is pretty darn cool!

William Kendall said...

It works nicely. That's one of the flags that I can identify without a problem.