Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Täcka udden

Täcka udden The Garage Kallbadhuset
This is Täcka udden, the name is said to come from a legendary Midsummer party held here back in 1764 when the land was owned by a famous Count, it would translate to the beautiful cape. More than a century later, this building, in Swiss chalet style, was built for Th. John, a wealthy wholesaler. A century after that, another owner had the house rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style. It was one of the first buildings with running water and a modern bathroom. The kitchen was in the basement and the servants occupied the top floor, which was a bit unusual. In 1899 a member of the Wallenberg family bought the property. He used it as a Summerhouse, because, why not. He also had the garage constructed, which is the building in the second photo. Today it houses the Wallenberg archives. The third photo shows the bath that you can also see in the first photo. Since the death of Knut Agathon Wallenberg the property have been used by the SEB Group for lobbying and representation. I am yet to be invited, btw. I will have to walk and bike past it on my visits to Royal Djurgården.


roentare said...

You know the building so well. It looks neat and polished.

RedPat said...

I love that garage building.

William Kendall said...

A beautiful property.