Sunday, June 13, 2021

A few minutes at a bridge

A Fashion Statement? A Smart Man Riding with his girlfriend Sahara Wrong Shoes? Porsche 911
Cycling to a friends house for a Summer BBQ I stopped at the pedestrian bridge that crosses the busy Gudöbroleden in Handen. My preferred place for panning photos since a number of years. People often walk up to me asking what it is I am shooting and that always surprises me. This time it was a guy from a company inspecting the bridge. Are you hoping to shoot some accidents he asked. Not sure why any normal person would like to do that. So I explained it to him, no I shoot convertibles, old cars, unusual cars, tough guys on motorcycles, tough girls on motorcycles or just anyone who I find interesting. And on this day it was three white cars and a bunch of Harleys.


s.c said...

You are really the champion of the dragged along photo. Well done again.

Jack said...

A perfect answer. When people ask me, I tell them I am just looking for people, places or things that are interesting.

William Kendall said...

Cool motorbike shots.