Friday, May 18, 2007

The Photographer

The Photographer

Hello there! It's Self Portrait Day at Tungelsta Daily Photo. I was sitting outside reading a Haruki Murakami novel called Sputnik Sweetheart and decided to photograph what I could see. Tricky to decide which photo to use so I picked the self portrait. I made it from three photos, stitched it, and added the frame. It looks better on a white background. The other photos I took was one macro with the Canon point and shoot. I then heard an airplane heading for Arlanda and reached for the Digital Rebel. Then I saw the neighbours crazy dog Benny move in on me in his search for food, and had time to get a few decent shots of him and his owner Danuta.


Sarah G said...

Great perspective! 100 times better than the average self portrait!

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks. It's a fun way to use the camera!

Gaëlle said...

That's a good self-portrait, I like it. I've posted self-portraits today too!