Thursday, May 10, 2007

Footpath to where?

Footpath to where?

From here it looks like this footpath leads right up to the little red house. But to get there you have to walk over a farmers field and then through a tunnel under the freeway before you finally end up at Kalvsvik in Österhaninge. Shot this from the hill at Gullringskärret.
Bigger photo.


Anonymous said...

The path looks well used and worn. Did you know that raccoons leave paths like this in grass here where I live. They always use the same path and it soon wears off the grass down to the dirt. Interesting photograh. The narrative is also interesting.

Some people might not know that rape is not just something unique to the human animal. There are ducks just as guilty—my post today.

Jing said...

really a nice shot.
well. i think seriously i would like to discover what is there in that small house.

nice day.

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Miguel Angel Servellón said...

It is a wonderful photography, congratulations

mrsmoss said...

wondeerful photos, our Kansas sky looked like that yesterday.