Saturday, May 26, 2007



Sheep Herding Pro

The other day, when I was on my way to a Cow Pasture at Kapp Ekeby that I have shown you before, I arrived at the Nedersta Farm (on the way), just as a sheep herd was being led out to a nearby field. So I had to stop and talk with the owner of the sheep. Her sheep dog posed for a few photos as did the sheep. After this short visit I continued to the pasture, where I was expecting to see and photograph the farm animals, but I was a few days too early and had the place to myself.


Anonymous said...

These are nice photographs of the sheep and the dog. Nobody raises sheep anywhere around Ohio where I live. Many years ago farmers did raise them but it has been over 50 years since I saw the last sheep on a farm. They are kept at Nature Farms almost like Zoo animals are kept in Zoos. They are there to show people what a sheep looks like. I never have seen mutton or lamb chops in a store for food. Nobody would buy them.

I just discovered a few minutes ago that two baby robins have left the nest. Or one is still there. I have photographed those and will show them on Monday.

Birds in their bath today at
Brookville Daily Photo

RamblingRound said...

This sheep and dog know how to pose, don't they? We have a "mutt" that looks a lot like this dog.
I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

Stefan Jansson said...

There are quite a few places with sheep herds around here. I stopped at another green field yesterday, at Fors, because it looked so inviting with the sheep in the green grass and the yellow and white flowers. It's only when you zoom in you notice all the flies!

Beetle said...

oh...they are cute and your photograph made them cuter