Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Vattentorget Barfotaturister Vattentorget Bike path A smart bag Gamla stan Photographers Vattentorget Spot the bike path Munkbroleden Fish passage Vattentorget Vattentorget The brother's bike
A new square opened to the public at Slussplan earlier this month. Vattentorget. The water square. It is part of a still ongoing project at Slussen in Stockholm. A new sluice has been constructed. Named after our future Queen, Victoria. It connects Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea. Located between Södermalm and the old town. Lots of history here. This is the fifth version of Slussen. The first one was constructed five hundred years ago. The new square became an instant hit. There are walkways and benches everywhere. There is a new fish passage. The boats will have to wait for a few years longer before they can pass through, though. A rock club will soon open, as will a few other places. I was there both on Saturday and Sunday. Parked the bike and went for a walk. Testing out the different benches and snapping away left and right. This first bunch of photos are from Saturday. One of the bike paths here is not marked out, which will cause all sorts of trouble. Hopefully that will be fixed quickly before any accidents happen.


Catarina said...

So many nice places to hang out and get some sun. : )

roentare said...

I got a new laptop with OLED screen. Everything pops and so clear! I love the street looks in your series

RedPat said...

I love the look of the place and your shots. Wish I was there!