Thursday, June 13, 2024

East and West

Orange, red and blue Before the hailstorm
I took a bike ride around Österhaninge yesterday. 16C. Sunny, although quite a lot of clouds gathering during my ride. Here are two photos from two different golf courses. One in Österhaninge. The other in Västerhaninge. Back when my great-grandfather was around, he was Mayor in what was then the Västerhaninge municipality. Later, East Haninge and West Haninge became one. I like the top photo best here best. I noticed the three golfers wearing different colors, so I stopped for a photo. Earlier, in Västerhaninge I stopped at a bus stop to drink some water, and that is when I snapped the second photo.


roentare said...

So green and beautiful to look at

Bill said...

The colourful shirts the golfers have on in the first photo really stand out. Interesting looking trees.

RedPat said...

It looks like a great day for a golf game.