Monday, June 30, 2008

Say hello to Pigge

Say hello to Pigge!

I was just out on the veranda when I met this little fellow. He said he was here looking for those tasty bird seeds. I call him Pigge. He is a hedgehog or as we like to call them an Igelkott.


Anonymous said...

He is a gorgeous little fellow. His body is like that of a rat. We do not have hedgehogs in Australia but we do have echidnas which are also known as spiney ant-eaters.

stromsjo said...

These are nice little fellows. We've got a family living under the veranda. They make interesting sounds.

Stefan Jansson said...

He was back the other night. I had the camera ready as I gave Pigge some Müsli.

Les Barr said...

Greetings from the USA!

I happen to come across your Blog and was reading what you have to say. Noticed that you've been to quite a number of places. Your Photo's are nice. Never been to where you live, but would like to see it someday.

That cute little Hedehog is something that we don't see around this area much. Maybe we just don't have any around here. It would surprise me if we did. They roll up in a ball, to protect themselves.

Anyway - Take a look at what I have in my Blog, if you like. I don't Post a whole lot, but you will get an idea of who I am, where, and what I like to do. Hope you don't mind. If so, let me know.

Leeds daily photo said...

I think hedgehogs are great little animals. Have not seen one in around 2 years. Love your photo!