Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Motor Torpedo Boat

Wanna go for a ride in a torpedo boat? You can if you want to. This Motor Torpedo Boat can take up to twelve people. It was built at Stockholms Örlogsvarv (dockyard), back in 1957, and was used in the Swedish navy until 1973. More facts about the ship here. I spotted the boat as I was sitting at the kiosk down at the Årsta pier today enjoying a cheeseburger.


stromsjo said...

In those days I suppose we actually had a navy. What's the status on cheeseburgers at Årsta?

Stefan Jansson said...

I can't complain. I have tried burgers and different types of hot dogs over the years. Closer to the beach there's a taverna that serves pizza and what have you. When I wanted a pasta salad to go, a while back, the owner started a long tirade about bankruptcy and is probably still at it, so I prefer the kiosk where I often discuss this and that with the guy running it.