Monday, June 23, 2008

Meet Sebbe

Sebbe ♫

I see this cool looking guy on a walkway in Handen and figures he is 100 Strangers material. After telling him about the project he agrees to have his photo taken.This is Sebbe. He lives in Jordbro and works as a personal assistant. Do you have any fun hobbies I ask. Sure, I'm a musician. I play the double bass, also known as the contrabass. In two bands. One of them called Zombie Space Pirates! We play Psychobilly. Then, before he can mention the other band, I say, and the other group I guess is The Horror Nipples? Yes, he says. How did you know that? I know that because I met two of your other band members back in April, and took their photo for the same project! How cool is that! It's a small world after all. This is my 50th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set.


Kim said...

Steffe, Congrats on making it halfway through this project! Is Sebbe winking at us, or is it just bright out? ;^). That's cool that you met his friends earlier. I'm considering doing this Flickr project to get me out of my "candid from a distance" phase and get some good close ups with my 50mm. The only thing I hate is that people always look right at the camera, usually smiling. What do you tell your subjects to get this nice natural pose? And, do your write down what they tell you? Thanks, and great shot!
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Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks Kim!

It was very sunny so I moved him around a bit! I have a few notebooks and I write everything down. I usually ask my strangers if they have an idea about the shot, if not I will try a few different shots. The most photos I took was when The Sarcastic Undertone played a few songs for me. The fewest when I only took two quick shots of the photographer Beatrice. I'm sure you will be great at this Kim!

Marie said...

He is certainly a handsome guy and an interesting person too.