Friday, June 13, 2008

Touched by an artist and a welder

Touched by an artist and a welder

Earlier in the year the bronze sculpture Touched by Flowers at the park in Tungelsta was vandalised. Now it was time for the artist Klara Kristalova and the bronze casting specialist Thomas Broman to repair the artwork. Janne Sandh from the group that sponsored the artwork asked me to come down and take some photos. Here you see Thomas and Klara, (with a print of one of my photos) discussing the repair work. Guess who forgot to bring his weld safety mask and had to drive away and buy a new one? Obviously Thomas the Welder! While he was gone Klara told us about the time she was arrested by the police in London. Late at night she took a flower from a flower bed in a park. The British police saw her, and a bobby chased her down, and put her in the back of a police truck. At the station she was booked, photographed and had her fingerprints taken. Then she spent the night locked up, only to be released the following morning without any charges. The stories you here when taking photos never seeses to amaze me. When Thomas came back everything went smooth and he finished the repair job by spraying copper nitrate on the artwork and using a burner to get the correct bronze tone.


stromsjo said...

Good to have it restored. Still, the vandals win anyhow. All this effort just to re-do what was already properly done instead of creating something new. Sad, really.

Stefan Jansson said...

The good thing was, not many people even noticed the vandalism, you had move in really close to see what was missing. We joked around about it being Version 2.0. But it was nice to meet Klara.