Saturday, June 28, 2008

Say hello to Johan

Johan Henschen

This is Johan. I met him at the barbershop. He knew me from my flickr photos and wanted to talk. Is there a better way to find a Stranger? Turns out I had a photo of him from when he was para motoring over Tungelsta! He was able to identify his wing and that's how he learned about flickr. Since then he has been keeping an eye on my and also Kenny Lex's photos. Johan is a good friend to Mikael (the barber), and last July they were on a para motor holiday in Latvia when there was an accident. Another pilot made a mistake and Johan crash landed. On the ground he thought his life was over. He was taken to a local hospital and after a few nervous days he was flown back to Sweden in an ambulance plane, to the University hospital at Huddinge. There, he had an operation on his vertebra. After a week he was able to go home and then spent the next six months recovering, starting with learning to walk again using crutches. He told me that he would make a decision next month whether to start flying again. He also told me that the accident had helped him in his professional life. He works as a motivational coach at a company called Teamkultur. We had time to talk about a few other things and Johan told me about a cool find he had made. I don't have a GPS, but Kenny does, so I gave the GPS info from Johan to Kenny. His mission should he choose to accept it, was to locate that find and take a photo of it! Which he did within 24 hours!This is my 52th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set.

Uppdatering: Om du vet någonting om den här historien så går det bra att kontakta Sune på HÄR kan du ladda ner en pdf-fil med lite fakta.


Ming the Merciless said...

I like the 100 Stranger concept. Really cool!!

Glad to hear Johan is walking again and riding his bike.

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks Ming!