Friday, March 07, 2008

Geese Crossing

Geese Crossing

Neat looking sign close to the big pond at Årsta Säteri. Lots of geese that you may have to look out for. Don't think I have ever seen a pheasant here but maybe the artist have.


EG CameraGirl said...

Is this a sign for wild geese and pheasants or for domesticated ones?

Now I will be on the lookout for geese signs in Canada. ;-)

Soon the wild Canada geese will be returning to nearby ponds to rear their young. I can hardly wait because it will mean spring is really here.

Right now it is snowing, though, so spring will be at least a few days in coming!

Jilly said...

This looks handpainted. Is it? Fascinating that so many different birds are shown.

Stefan Jansson said...

It is hand painted. Some of the birds are domesticated. They live next to Årsta Säteri and Årsta Castle. Places with much history. The family that runs the farm here also own a few golf courses and the castle. I'm guessing one of the daughters could be responsible for the sign. Both grown up now, and managing the golf courses. One of them is married to a famous Swedish rap artist btw!