Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Posing Tourists Arch
The Arch. By Ai Wei Wei. Last seen in New York. Now in Stockholm, in front of the entrance to Nationalmuseum. The artist himself was there for the unveiling last week. Part of the Brilliant Minds meeting in Stockholm.Two united human silhouettes, although it can be hard to see from certain angles. Also, tricky to photograph as it is so high and stands close to the water. Also I had the wrong lens with me, the Viltrox 85mm, so both photos are several images stitched together. The woman sitting inside the cage in the second photo also had a hard time photographing it, she didn't want any people in her photo, but they just kept coming, me included.


s.c said...

Wei Wei is one of the most import artists of our time as he proves here again and I think the first photo gives it the most credit. Wel done Stefan.

RedPat said...

Very cool. He has had a show here and also has had several installations too. Always so interesting to see.

William Kendall said...

Quite different, but I like it