Monday, April 15, 2024

Ten photos from Lake Drevviken

Swan Lake Drevviken Bird Photographer Terrasshuset Spot the rooster Vattenspegling Hökarängsbadet Badbrygga New jetty Drevviken
It was one of those rare calm days this cold and windy Spring. I decided to make a few pit-stops at Lake Drevviken, at Larsboda. First at the circular pier where I spotted another photographer. I walked out for a few reflection photos of buildings at Sköndal, including the terrace house that you have probably seen before. I then continued over to the boardwalk, where I got a closer look at the swans and a nice view over the beach with some of the new apartment buildings as a backdrop. My next stop was the beach, Hökarängsbadet, where I tested the brand-new jetty. The old one had been taken over last Autumn by a large group of Canada Geese, which I showed you back then. This is the same area, btw, where I have shown you a number of Winter views with ice skaters out on the then frozen lake.


Sharon said...

These are all such beautiful scenes. I love the swan and the wonderful views.

RedPat said...

What a lovely day at the lake that was.

William Kendall said...

The swans are beautiful.