Monday, June 29, 2009

Driving to the beach

The Tattooed Bus Driver

Meet Stefan. He is a bus driver here in Haninge. A job he has had for five years. I spotted him sitting at his bus reading the paper, and he had a few minutes to spare. He is from Tyresö, and lives in an apartment at Granängsvägen. A great place to live he told me. He spends a lot of time with the neighbours. Playing boule and fishing are two hobbies that they enjoy together. I noticed his rose tattoo and told him about Sandra that I met a few days ago. I like that type of coincidence. The tattoo was made by his son, who is a tattoo artist that works from Gamla Stan in Stockholm. The route Stefan was driving on this day was back and forth to the beach six times! Only problem with that is that he can't see the beach from the road, but it's probably still a good feeling driving all the people down to the beach and the ferry pier where the bus turns around. As I was taking a few portraits of Stefan, he got the call and had to drive away so that more people could hit the crowded beach.


brattcat said...

Terrific shot. I love the way he shows you his tatoo with that beautiful upturned hand. He's got a lovely tan so I think he must make it to the beach sometimes.

Don and Krise said...

Looks like a nice guy. I can just picture him relaxing in the bus with his feet up and reading.

Stefan Jansson said...

Stefan was actually sitting on the stairs to the bus enjoying the sunshine.