Thursday, November 27, 2008

Window Reflection

Window Reflection

A window at the beautiful Station House in Tungelsta. The building dates back to 1901 when the railway line between Stockholm and Nynäshamn opened for traffic. Today the art and handicraft organisation Handlaget occupies the bottom floor. The reflection comes from the local pizza place which has a history of it's own. It is said that the building was moved from nearby Fors to Tungelsta at the turn of the last century. Back then it was a grocery store owned by a man locally known as Svin-Kalle. Svin means pig in case you were wondering.


istanbuldailyphoto said...

In This window image is wonderful. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reflection shot! Goddag!

MaCoBra said...

Hi Steffe, Thanks for your comment on the beer, when you order a Duvel beer you say "a devil please".
Say something I would like to ask you. I am going to Stockholm tomorrow. And I would like you to ask to make a picture of me. I will be there to play Saint Nicholas or tomten for the Dutch community. At Slussen I will make my entry and walk to the Dutch embassy. It is great fun, for families and kids, if you have time on coming sunday, it would be great if you can make some pictures for Daily blog. See
from my private blog. I don't know acsectly when I arrive but you can ask Dick van Dijk ( I will check my blog and give you the times if I have the chance. That would be a great blog entry. Cheers from Marcel

Blognote said...

This is a wonderful image, well chosen and perfectly captured!!

babooshka said...

Craetively done.