Wednesday, November 19, 2008

But it still looks kinda silly..

But it still looks kinda silly..

The benefits from Nordic Walking:

# increased overall strength and endurance in the core muscles and the entire upper body
# significant increases in heart rate at a given pace
# greater ease in climbing hills
# burning more calories than in plain walking
# improved balance and stability with use of the poles
# significant un-weighting of hip, knee and ankle joints
# creates positive total body bone density-preserving stress

(facts from wikipedia)

Photo taken from the Krigslida commuter station in Haninge.


Anonymous said...

Actually looks interesting, still nice :)

Unknown said...

Very funny title, but the photo is great! :-)

Becky said...

Agreed: It still looks kind of funny. :) I'd rather be sitting in that patio area drinking a cuppa tea and enjoying the view. But body should probably be doing some of that Nordic walking. :)