Friday, May 02, 2008

A New View

A New View

A brand new view. This is Solsäter, a new area in Tungelsta. 55 houses will be built here, around 15 are already in place. This panorama was shot from a hill that has been cleared from all the trees. No idea why as there are no houses planned up here. But the view is pretty good and new. I met a visiting couple, their friends are building a new home here, see photo below. They had been watching the sunset from the hill the other night, and it was a good one they told me. You will see more at the original size.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great picture, I like this panorama a lot!! As I'm living with my family behind some trees up in the left corner, I've seen this area change a lot in only a year. We moved here as the millenium was brand new.

My morning and evening walk between my home and the busstop isn't the same green walk as it used to be, but yet the wildlife and fresh air is still here.

(B.t.w.: the red house is maximum five-six years old...)

Stefan Jansson said...

Tack för rättelsen Karin. Alltid kul när närboende akvarellsnälla sakletande stugockupanter hör av sig.