Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alone at the lake

Lower Lake Rudan 360

I decided to make a short stop at the lake. The weather forecast had said rain so there was no one around. And it didn't rain. So I took the bike around Lower Lake Rudan. There's trails all over this recreational area. I had hoped to meet someone, angler, jogger or just anyone and take their portrait for the 100 Strangers Project but there's always tomorrow. Instead I walked out on one of the piers and sat down for a few minutes, a great way to relax. Then I shot a 360 panorama. Looks better at the original size.


Olivier said...

bravo, vraiment impressionnant ce panoramique, superbe
bravo, really impressive this view, superb

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks olivier. It's one of my favourite places.