Sunday, February 24, 2008

On The Road Again

Spring Ride

I never put away my bike for the winter as most cyclists do. Yesterday we had a warm spring like day, a bit windy but the weather was good enough to fill the roads with motorcycles and cyclists. I stopped at Skogsekeby in Tungelsta and only had to wait for one minute before the first cyclist came pedalling around the corner. Bigger photo.


Kim said...

This is a great image, Steffe! I'm glad the rider was wearing yellow. It just makes your shot that much better. Of course we don't have quite the winter here that you have there, but I did see several riders out in the last snow we had! Enjoy your sunshine.
Seattle Daily Photo

Unknown said...

NIce shot.

smilnsigh said...

How lucky that you had a mild winter, and have near Spring, already.