Monday, July 30, 2007

View from a bridge

View From a Bridge

Another one of my photo projects. The view from the bridge at the bird park in Handen. Try the slideshow, now with 33 photos with this view. On this visit the Coot family was there again.


Anonymous said...

Lovely scene Stefan, this weekend I enjoyed an air show but the weather was better with you.

South Shields Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I like to see scenes like this as they show how the rest of the world lives. The natural world is quite different. No television. No cell phones. No cars or buses or trams. And no real grocery store. It is an amazing world.

Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

I've checked the daily photo bloggers today to be able to tell those of you in Sweden how sorry I am about the death of Ingmar Bergman. I did so enjoy so many of his movies. I googled his biography; whew! much achievement in addition to 4 wives and 9 children. l He was indeed a busy man!