Tuesday, January 23, 2018

An open field

Open Field Open Field
Lots of construction in this part of Tungelsta recently with the new commuter station and the new houses at Stav/Lillgården. And there's plenty more to come. This open field at Lillgården will soon be history. A year from now when the construction of the houses in the background will be finished this big field will be a busy building site as a number of six-storey apartment buildings, a pre-school and a gymnasium will be constructed here. If you can read the local lingo or if you just have working eyes more info here.


William Kendall said...

Your commuter train is longer than ours.

Lowell said...

We are in a community where a lot of construction is going on. I hate it. I want peace and quiet! It's a shame that field is going to be filled with more bricks and mortar! Leave it be!

Jens-Peter Olsson said...

Really interesting reading about the decided plans for Tungelsta, thx for the link