Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Staying Indoors

Simple Minds
I haven't been out with the camera for what feels like a very long time. Maybe six or seven weeks. I can't really cope with the weather. Gray skies. Rain. More gray skies. No sunshine since I don't know when. Took this snap a while back. I was looking for something deep down in a wardrobe and had to move my old record player so I decided to see if it was still working, and it was. The LP here is a classic. New Gold Dream with Simple Minds.


Jack said...

It must be tough dealing with awful weather over an extended period. Go on outside and take some atmospheric photos that don't need sunshine.

Lasse Jansson said...

Alla tråkvädersfronter som rullar över våra skandinaviska huvuden i november, december, januari och februari är nervpåfrestande. Mörkt och eländigt samtidigt som den jämngrå himlen inte bidrar det minsta lilla till en uppåtgående humörsvängning. Jag förstår dig. Spela vinylskivor är ändå en av de mest trendiga grejor man kan syssla med nuförtiden så du är helt rätt ute!

Det kommer ljus och solsken, håll kamerorna redo :-)

Andy said...

Well done. I love this photo.

William Kendall said...

Excellent capture!

Is seasonal affective disorder a struggle for you?

Oakland Daily Photo said...

If I had a turntable again, I think I'd play some Ella Fitzgerald. And maybe drink a little of that rum you mentioned.