Saturday, December 23, 2017


I don't do Christmas. This is as close as it gets. Also probably my first, (and last), "photo" ever uploaded to flickr and the blog taken with a smart-phone. Took the "photo" at my mothers care facility at Dalarö a couple of days ago. She was in bed when we arrived in the late afternoon. But we were able to communicate a bit. She informed us that the had a new fiancée. It will not last for long though, she said. The fiancée in question was an employee at Malmgården. He helped her out of the bed and into her wheelchair. We found a lot of clothes in my mothers wardrobe that we didn't recognise. When we asked about it we didn't get any real answer, but when my brother met a friend at the pub last night, (she works at Malmgården), she told him that whenever someone passes away that persons clothes will often be donated. My mother turned 79 two days ago. We will visit her again tomorrow.


William Kendall said...

From experience, it's a hard thing to see a parent diminish as time progresses.

RedPat said...

My Dad is in a long term care place and today I was sorting his clothes and he now has so many sweaters that have been donated to him by the families of those who have passed on. It makes people feel better I think.