Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Built and tested in the mountains

Reading Standard Reading Standard Built and tested in the mountains
Spotted this beauty as it was driving towards me in Krigslida yesterday so I decided to wave it down for a chat and a few photos. A Reading Standard motorcycle with a sidecar, from 1917. Made in Reading, Pennsylvania. Now living in Tungelsta since a quarter of a century. Once, during a holiday ride to Norway with the Reading Standard, Olle, the owner was stopped by the police. His wife and young daughter were riding in the sidecar, and he figured he must have broken a few traffic regulations and that there would be trouble. But it was just one of the cops who was really interested in the bike and wanted to know more. There used to be a club for people with this type of motorcycle but it died out as there were so few bikes still in circulation. Built and tested in the mountains was the company's slogan btw.


Judy said...

That is an oldie but very cool!

William Kendall said...

It's a beauty... and well taken care of, too.

Lowell said...

The bike is wonderful as are your fantastic photographs!