Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pimping My Ride

Maybe I should have gone with the x-dirt 20 instead of the Steel Horse? That is the bike that the kid in the ad is riding. Biltema is a good place for cheap spare parts to the bike, car or anything really. On my visit yesterday to the store in Handen I bought a Bottle Cage and Adapter Mount for the Steel Horse. Costed me 20 SEK. That is under three US Dollar.


William Kendall said...

At least from this angle, the place looks big.

Jack said...

This is a huge store for a bicycle supply store.

Bob Crowe said...

Parts or not, I really like this picture. A brilliant little castle in a pastoral setting.

Stefan Jansson said...

Biggish I guess William and Jack.

It's not going to win any architectural awards Bob, that's for sure. It's next to a supermarket so it is a busy place with a lot of traffic.