Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mother Kasabian

Mother Kasabian Mother Kasabian Guitarist
Mother Kasabian during their gig at the rock festival in Tungelsta on Saturday. The festival was a big success. The park was crowded all day and the weather was great. The non-profit organisation Musikcentralen who arranges the festival sold burgers and t-shirts and hopefully made some money. More photos in the coming days.


paul said...

No shortage of hair!

Lowell said...

Well, not my kind of music I don't think, but I'm glad the festival was successful.

Sorry about the Swedish golfers who didn't quite make it to the winners circle today - but they did well!

Bob Crowe said...

Great concert photos. The top one is funny, winner of the rock and roll sheepdog contest.

Anonymous said...

Ville bara hälsa på och kika runt bland dina fina bilder. Sedan ville jag också berätta att du bidrog med dina bilder till att jag nu är en hängiven gatufotograf. Du minns säkert inte men det fanns en tid när jag absolut inte ville ha med folk i mina bilder :)
Ha det gott!