Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet The Farmer

Meet the farmer

This is Rolf Norlin. He operates Hammarby Gård (Farm), together with his wife Tina. They have cattle and Bashkir pony's at this farm, and also grow their own crops. I followed Rolf around the farm, as they were taking a few of the horses out to the pasture where they will stay 24/7. Luckily I did have my boots on, as it was very muddy! Rolf then showed me the cattle and the Baskij horses, and told me about the farm which is very popular. People come to ride on the Basjki horses year round. For 400 SEK you get to ride for 90 minutes after you have familiarised yourself with the horse, afterwards everyone gets coffee and cake which sounds like a great deal. The family also runs the Ormsta farm. I will show you some photos from Hammarby in the coming days.


Kris McCracken said...

It’s always good to have farms like this where people can visit and have a look around. We had a lot in the North West of Tasmania when I was growing up, so I’m always surprised how many people I meet have never actually been to a farm or have any idea of what goes on there. It is expecially good for the little kids.

Thanks for sharing the story and links.

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks kris. We have a big agricultural college at Berga that has an open house every summer. visited last year, lots of people there, all the kids loved it. Horses, cows, pigs tractors and machines and more.