Monday, April 07, 2008

Meet the architect

Rikard Lundin

I was shooting a panorama photo at Stora Arken in Handen the other day, when a man walks by, turns around and asks if I'm Steffe, that guy with all the photos on the web. That's me I said, and that's how Rikard Lundin became my Stranger #14 for the 100 Strangers project. Rikard is an architect. And for the last thirty years he has been working as a landscape architect with Housing and Urban Development in Haninge. He told me that he was responsible for Stora Arken, (behind him) and a number of big projects around Haninge. including Kryddgården in Ålsta, Ribby Ängar in Västerhaninge and Ros-Anders gård, a retirement home in Tungelsta. At the moment he was working on Vega City, or Vegastaden, one of the biggest project in Haninge for many years. Rikard lives in Tungelsta and is a member of Folk och Trädgård, an association that I'm actually helping at the moment! I'm designing a few postcards for them, using some of my flickr photos. Rikard told me that his wife designed their web site, and he asked if they could possibly use some of my photos on their site, which is fine by me. We had time to discuss a few other thing as well. For instance how the rune stone behind the cultural centre at Poseidon's Square all of a sudden disappeared. Rikard told me (smiling as he said it) It's because the council 'just discovered the original location' and it's exactly at the stairs at the big entrance. Isn't that funny!

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stromsjo said...

People photography is difficult. Getting the story is even more difficult. Good work.