Saturday, December 16, 2006

The world's tallest Christmas Tree

The world's tallest Christmas Tree

I took a photo promenade in Stockholm yesterday and decided that you have to see this. It's the big Christmas Tree at Skeppsbron in Stockholm. It's the biggest in the world. It's a Norwegian Spruce, from Uppland, 38 meters high with 5000 christmas lights. The tree is sponsored by Kinnevik. The tree is so big that it usually arrives on a huge truck in the middle of the night when there's less traffic. From Skeppsbron you can take the ferry to Djurgården. If you wanna see more photos from my visit there's plenty more in my Stockholm Set.


Gerald (SK14) said...

Well I've just spent a delightful half hour looking through your splendid photos of Stockholm. As I visited the city in June I was delighted to be re-acquainted. Some of my own photos are on my Baltic 2006 blog.

Jazzy said...

so impressive, it's hard to imagine how it's been driven trough the city, it's really tall.

great shot.

None YourBusiness said...

Isn't there one in Oregon that is 150ft (50 meters) high? But that doesn't take away the beauty of the tree you've shown!

Stefan Jansson said...

Looks like you are correct on that Oregon tree. I got my info from an article in a Stockholm News Paper. You know what they say: Never check a good story!