Saturday, December 09, 2006

At The Christmas Market

Today was the annual Christmas Market in Tungelsta. This is the greenhouse at the park. Many years ago Tungelsta had more than 100 greenhouse businesses, today there's around 10 left. My great grandfather was the first gardener to set up his greenhouses 100 years ago. This greenhouse was built by the members of Föreningen Folk och Trädgård and is often used for occasions like this.

Christmas Market 2006 (by Steffe)

This is Allevägen outside the Coop Store. They close off the road and set up a bunch of tents to lure people to buy a lot of crap. I didnt buy anything I take pictures! The statue to the right is off an old famous writer Ivar-LO Johansson who lived here when he was young.

Christmas Market 2006 (by Steffe)

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