Saturday, September 21, 2019

Two Local Girls

Emma  Tietjens Melanie Lunde
Local girl Emma Tietjens from C-Pro Racing in her Mini at the Crosscart event at Högstabanan earlier today. I got a free ticket to the National Championships at the Högstabanan race track so I decided to check out the sport. The second photo shows another local girl in action, namely Melanie Lunde from Haninge MK. I came home with around 300 photos and I will probably show you a few more in the coming days. Crosscart is a fairly new sport, it is also sometimes called off-road kart. During the qualifying rounds, every racer gets to compete in three heats before the best go through to the finals that will be held tomorrow.


William Kendall said...

A weird looking vehicle.

bill burke said...

I didn't know they made racing cars that small, pretty amazing!