Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Construction Dialogue

Construction Dialogue
Byggdialog. That is the name of the builder. And that word works well here at Vitsåvägen in Fors, Västerhaninge, as there have been a long and heated dialogue between the unhappy neighbours and the Haninge municipality about this project. Fuchs Lubricants (previously Statoil owned), with 70 employees decided to close their, (unmodern), factory in Nynäshamn and build a new one here at Fors. The workers, (and politicians), in Nynäshamn were of course very unhappy to see the company go. And the neighbours in Västerhaninge were equally unhappy to see a factory being built so close to their homes. They claimed that the traffic to and from the plant would ruin their lives, more or less. But the County Board soon approved the plans and as you can see the new plant is now under construction. The factory will produce at most 100,000 cubic meter lubricant oil per year. Friction free, who knows.


William Kendall said...

Money speaks, unfortunately.

bill burke said...

A rocky start to a new relationship with lots of unhappy people.