Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Commuter Station Remodelling

The Commuter Station
The remodelling of the Tungelsta commuter station continues. Still a few things to do before they are done, but it's getting there. This is how the entrance to the tunnel looks from the "Lillgården" side at the moment. You have been able to bike through it for a few weeks now although there's still some work left on the walkway that leads to the tunnel. I took the photo with the 6D using the nifty fifty lens just as the commuter train left the station heading for the Hemfosa platform.


William Kendall said...

Your commuter train looks longer than the one on our line.

Jack said...

It is going to be a handsome station when it is finished.

From the CDP portal:

Stefan Jansson said...

This is only the midday train William. It's twice as long during rush hour. Thanks for the link Jack, I had missed the eleven year anniversary day completely!

Lowell said...

You caught the train perfectly. I'd guess you'd need to ride your bike cautiously through that tunnel.