Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sixteen November Images

Sixteen Recent Snaps
Cracked bucket buried in the sand at the beach. Utility box in Handen. Winter leftover ice. Pier at Årsta Havsbad on a warm (9C), November day. Najaden, office building at Rudsjöterrassen getting a face lift. Pump your bike here. Remains from an old building on a hillside at Tuvvägen. Two new buildings at Tuvvägen. Selfie reflection snap at a new BMX-thingy near Eskilsparken. Jujja leaving the cafe earlier this afternoon. The water towers. Sunset at Hanveden. Swans on the field in front of Årsta castle. Truck heading for the Jordbro industrial area, shot from a pedestrian bridge. Bridge railing sunset. Two guys cleaning up my favorite beach.


William Kendall said...

The swans on the field is my favourite.

Stuart said...

So many good shots for the price of one.

Gunn said...

Jeg har sagt det før. Den måten du setter sammen foto på her, er stilig, flott og kreativt.