Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recent Snaps

Recent Snaps
Horse &sulky at the old tree. Big crane at Haningeterrassen. Bathroom mirror selfie. Sunset at the commuter station. Grass at the Lower Lake. Jujja outside the cafe, shot from Jim's living-room window. Builder balancing with a plank on a roof. House that probably will be gone soon. Asphalt paving outside a new apartment building at Tuvvägen. Flygbra.se Tiny Christmas ball at the cafe, Jim is giving me the finger. Snow storm. Singing bird at a pond. Snowy bench at Slätmossen. Christmas lights where I didn't expect to see it. Ice pattern.


William Kendall said...

The singing bird is my favourite.

Peter said...

A varied selection - my vote is your selfie!

Jack said...

Nice collage.