Monday, August 15, 2016

The Intolerants

The Intolerants Double Bass The Intolerants Psychobilly Drummer
Two bands at the "Trädgårdsrocken" festival in the park in Tungelsta on Saturday played Psychobilly. That is a mix of punk and rockabilly. These guys are The Intolerants. They played for 45 minutes, sounded great live. Lots of tattoos on these guys, that's for sure. The singer was a bit special. He walked out into the crowds and sang from there, when he wasn't sitting on the stage, or asking peoples names and what have you.


Mo said...

A fabulous bunch of photos, you are really good at events photography

William Kendall said...

Quite a strong contrast in their clothing.

Maria Russell said...

Judging by their body language (facial expressions?) there's a lot of passion in there.
This series of photos remind me I started to follow your blog about a year ago. It's been fun and entertainig, Stefan.
Thank you so much!

Jack said...

Lots of tats, all the way up their necks.

KARIN said...

Hi, long time since we met. Great pictures as always! I was wondering if you made a photo book about your 100 strangers? Maybe I've missed the obviuos, a bit bad at researching, so sorry if that's the case.
Yours, Karin

Stefan Jansson said...

People ask that question every now and then Karin,I always answer that it would be a great idea and then I forget about it.