Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Smiling Police

The Smiling Police
It was a busy day for the police on Sunday with the big Velothon bike race and the Haninge Day celebrations. They were everywhere, in full force. Arriving to Poseidon's square I noticed a police van and standing next to it talking to a few citizens I spotted a familiar face. And a very pretty face I might add. I had my first encounter with this police officer two years ago at another local event. She happily posed for a few photos and that of course made my day. Oh, and a friend mailed a copy of this photo to the police and it looks like they want to buy the photo and possibly use it in brochures and what have you.


William Kendall said...

And quite a smile! Thanks for the link back to the original post!

Maria Russell said...

I like that clean, clear look in her beautiful eyes!
An absolutely stunning young lady.

Thanks Stefan

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Blimey! That's what is known as a million dollar smile! Fantastic portrait Steffe.