Saturday, September 19, 2015

Museum of public objects

Crush Barrier
The artist Anna Ådahl have filled the square at Stora Arken in Handen with trees, benches, lamp posts, a litter bin and crush barrier seen here. The objects comes from all over Europe. One bench originates from the Beyoğlu Municipality in Turkey. Another comes from Russia and a third from Paris. There's a palm tree, a Norwegian spruce and one Japanese cherry tree. The lamp posts also originates from other countries. The installation is called Museum for public objects and it opened today. As the art curator Åsa Mårtensson told us about the project I sat down on the Turkish bench with a friend, and enjoyed a free French lunch from the Le truck food truck.


William Kendall said...

Curious! The red lamp post particularly stands out to me.

Maria Russell said...

KMy first thought when I saw your beautiful photograph was: What is this small headboard doing on top of that huge mattress?

I wonder how a palm tree would survive in a Nordic climate. In my birth country, the sempiternal palm trees are our one and only landscape :o)

Wonderful post, Stefan.
Thank you so much.