Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Winning Formula?

Architectural Detail New Homes Prästgårdsängen
This is Prästgårdsängen in Västerhaninge. Designed by the architect Helena Wennerström. Forty four new homes have been built next to the old parsonage. They blend in very well. The modern apartments are 155 square meters. They all have a car port and a little yard. The grassy hill in front of the houses is a noise barrier.The project made it to the final in the Building of the year contest in Haninge. A few flickr contacts asked me about the big window. It reminded them of the Swedish flag and Paul pointed out the thickness of the central mullion, so I emailed the architect for some answers. The reason for the thick mullion is a wall. The window is actually covering two rooms, but she wanted them to look like one. She didn't intend for the windows to look like the Swedish flag, but jokingly said, (or wrote), that her next house project would be blue houses!


William Kendall said...

It does look like a lovely development.

Jack said...

The cross windows and the roof peak are what attract the eye on these houses.

Bob Crowe said...

It is obvious that a great deal of care went into the design but the would not sell well in my part of the US. People would consider them small. They would want a two car garage. Too close together. We are spoiled by all the available land and cheap energy.

Can't wait to see what the price of fuel is in France in two weeks.

VP said...

Interesting and very nice!