Monday, November 21, 2011

Krigslida Commuter Station

Waiting at the Boom Barrier

Krigslida Commuter Station

Here is the answer to yesterdays question. This is the Krigslida Commuter Station along the Nynäsbanan railway line. Traffic got under way this morning. Seven weeks ago this was just a messy construction site. The old platform had been removed as had all the rail. The new platform has been moved a little to the south. The reason for all this is that a second rail-track is planned between Västerhaninge and Tungelsta. Work on that has been going on for a few years now mostly during the summer when traffic has been stopped. I have previously showed you a few new bridges and roads in the area. At the moment there's only one rail-track here, but all the preparations for the second track are done and it will be built come the spring, some time in April.


Rae Walter said...

Looks so cold. We are also having a lot of railway construction work going on here in Perth. Fascinating to watch and photograph.

Julie said...

But but but ... what happened to all the trees? Ripped up, were they?

So why is this area being blessed with more and more rail infrastructure? Is it an expanding dormitory suburb for city workers? Is it a connection between two regional growth areas?

I like action shot of the train zooming past. I get tapped on the shoulder if I take my camera out on a rail station in my state. Remember that December Theme is 'Action shot'.

Lowell said...

I am quite jealous of your high-speed rail options! Nothing like that in Ocala!

But it looks so darn cold standing out in the open waiting for a train!

Stefan Jansson said...

No trees have been harmed here Julie. As I said the platform has been moved a little to the south, so you can't see the trees from here. This rail-road opened in 1902 and it has always only been one track from Västerhaninge down to the port city of Nynäshamn where it ends. As you can guess the population today is much larger so we need better and more efficient travel to and from Stockholm.

Not very cold today Lowell. Around 6C so all you need is a warm coat.

Rachel said...

I love the action of the train moving in the first one. That's a cool way to make us feel like we are there experiencing it too!

Jack said...

I didn't put in a guess yesterday, but I would not have guessed a new rail line. It was constructed pretty quickly.

Stefan Jansson said...

Quick it was.

I talked for a while with the woman in red. Her friends live in a house nearby, and I had the opportunity to tell her that once upon a time there was a greenhouse nursery at that property, something she thought that her friends knew nothing about. And I also know that the gardeners grandson today lives at Niagara Falls, and that he is very likely to read this.

CaT said...

never would have guessed that!!