Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under Wraps

Under Wraps

Under Wraps

Horrible weather this weekend. Perfect for promenades around Tungelsta. This new house wrapped in plastic can be found along Skolvägen (School Road), at Skogs Ekeby. If you walked by here just a few years ago, you would have first seen a few horses, then a small stable, and after that a few greenhouses. Now all that is gone and everywhere you look someone is building a new home. To see some of the recent the changes in this area, have a look at the slideshow.


Sharon said...

I guess the covering keeps the moisture out and helps keep the workmen warm. I loved your slide show. You have some great photos in that group.

Birdman said...

Keep 'em toasty!

Marie-Noyale said...

Some wonderful views in this slideshow!!
Love the greenhouse illuminated at night.
Thanks for stopping by.

brattcat said...

Thank you for these, Steffe. I have a much better sense of your 'place' now and your 'place' looks an awful lot like my 'place'. Even that sign in English...break in, make my day. Hohoho. I'm sure I could find that exact same sign somewhere in Vermont.

Andy said...

When I was kid no one built houses in the winter months. Now of days there is no stopping them. My neighbourhood is also faced with new additions as the city grows.