Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Sorunda Regional Dress


Maria Landin

Obviously I had to shoot a few portraits while attending the Sorunda Midsummer celebrations. And what better way than to show you two members of the homestead society dressed in the regional dress, the Sorundadräkten. Top photo shows Lasse. Amateur photographer since 1952. You can see some of his photos at Fotosidan. He shoots with a Pentax and has a number of new and old lenses to choose from. His granddaughter who is thirteen has also taken up the hobby. After this portrait in front of the Midsummer Pole (that was still on the ground), we walked over to the homestead society building to take photos of the famous Sorunda cakes (I will show you those in a day or two. Lasse is one of the dancers that performed here later in the day. They shocked everyone with their opening song. We all expected a traditional Swedish tune, but they gave us a dance number with Cotton Eye Joe!

Second photo shows Maria Landin. She is the chairperson of the homestead society. She's also an archaeologist from Stora Vika (a village with many Stone Age finds), and works as a antiquarian for the Nynäshamn municipality. I have met her before, and if you would like to know more about Maria press here. The regional dress is well documented and goes back many centuries. The one Maria is wearing is a mix of styles from various villages around Sorunda and the dress has changed a bit over the years. More Midsummer photos to come.


brattcat said...

Excellent shots, Steffe.

Leif Hagen said...

GREAT to see photos from Midsommar! Interesting to see the folkdrakt and Swedish traditions! I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming Midsommar blog postings! I have an Angermanlandsfolkdrakt myself with yellow knickers!
Glad Midsommer, Steffe
Skal! Skal! Skal!