Saturday, July 05, 2008

Artist At Work

Artist At Work

I met him as I sat down on a bench close to the library in Västerhaninge. He was busy sawing, chiseling and drilling. He is an artist. A sculptor who lives in Hässelby. Lennart often works with wood or bronze. These two circular tree benches is his own design. He calls it Rondo. Over the years he has done a lot of public work around the country. He is represented in Stockholm as well as here in Haninge at the Runstensskolan (a school in Handen). He told me about his latest project. A bronze work of the castle Nyköpingshus in the model scale of 1: 300. When it is finished it will be placed at the castle. Lennart is well-educated, he has a degree in Geology and in Botany from the Stockholm University. And he spent some time at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where he now gives lectures every now and then. On his free time he often works on his boat, a yacht from 1896 that he has owned for 40 years. I mentioned that I met another artist, Klara Kristalova recently, and he said that he knew her and also Anders Olsson from the Kyrkskolan Gallery. At this point he told me that he would have to finish for the day as the library closed, and they would pull the electricity cable he used for the drill.

This is my 54th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set.



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