Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dance Floor with a view

Dance Floor With a View

Once upon a time...

Back in 1929 a non profit organisation created Årsta Havsbad as a summer resort for workers. Around 600 small cottages (15-25 square metre), were built along with a hotel, convenient store, tennis courts and more. The hotel was overlooking the dance floor here. It's gone now, today many of these small cottages have been rebuilt and lots of people live here year round. It's my favorite beach and I visit as often as I can. Here you can see the Midsummer Pole still there. It will not be replaced until next summer. Bigger photo.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago I saw a very impressive black and white swedish movie "Elle n'a dansé qu'un seul été". There was such a midsummer pole.
Now my little grand-daughter Selma has been seen dancing around this pole.